I may not like Josh Murray, but Evan Bass is not Bachelor in Paradise's hero

Aug 9, 2016 at 3:35 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Let's just all agree right now that Evan Bass' "date" with Amanda Stanton on Bachelor in Paradise next week is not going to end well.

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Despite the fact that Stanton and Josh Murray have been locked at the lips since their first date on last night's episode, Bass still thought he had a shot. In a mid-make-out interruption, Bass created his own date for Stanton. It sounds sweet enough, but Bass the vigilante really wanted Stanton to know what she was getting herself into with Murray.

Of course, the episode ended with a cliffhanger, but the preview showed us what's about to go down on the next episode when Bass talks to Stanton.

Let me just say that I take the abuse claims about Murray seriously, and I think the show and the rest of the world should too. Those are allegations a woman shouldn't take lightly, especially a woman with children, like Stanton.

Murray's ex-fiancé, Andi Dorfman, accused Murray of emotional abuse in her tell-all book. She said Murray called her a "whore," among other things. It was then uncovered that Murray has a history of outbursts. He was arrested for disorderly conduct back in 2008.

Despite all this, Bass' strategy to get Stanton is way off base.

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He isn't warning Stanton because he's being a good guy. He's warning her about Murray because he wants to get into her pants now that things with Carly Waddell are dunzo.

"I know she's with Josh right now," Bass told the cameras. "But, I want to do something where it's like, 'Hey, here I am.' Maybe there's something inside of you that says, 'I really like this guy.'"

At this point I roll my eyes, because dude, that ship has sailed.

That won't stop him from using some underhanded tactics to taunt Stanton away from her new man, though.

And while Bass might have a point, the whole thing still rubs me the wrong way.

No doubt when Murray finds out what Bass has to say to Stanton, he's going to be pissed — like, tell-all status pissed. In fact, in the preview for next week, Murray confronts Bass.

"I would appreciate it if you woulda come to me and talked to me about it," Murray tells him.

To which Bass tells the cameras, "I wanted to make sure that she was careful. This guy's gonna just explode."

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It just sounds like a messed-up situation all around to me, and I think Stanton should ditch both of them.

Do you think Josh Murray could be a danger to Amanda Stanton, or is Evan Bass simply trying too hard?

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