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Things are getting serious between Nick Cannon and TLC’s Chilli

Nick Cannon and Chilli are starting to get serious. The pair was spotted in Los Angeles this week, leaving a restaurant with a very special third wheel — Chilli’s mom. That’s a major step from not being ready for titles, as Cannon said.

According to People, a source said, “Nick was super engaged with Chilli and her mom and very animated. They were laughing and giggling and seemed to be telling lots of jokes.”

There’s no doubt that someone as engaging and charming as Cannon would be awesome at meeting the parents, especially a mom, so that part isn’t surprising. What did shock us was that they were even on the date to begin with. Last month, when Cannon was asked whether or not he was dating Chilli, he was super coy and unwilling to commit to anything.

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He said, “I would be so lucky to be able to be called ‘dating’ her. This is all new to me. I’m not ready for titles and all that stuff.”

It’s cute that he acknowledges that dating post-divorce is difficult and he wants to protect his children and his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, at least a little bit from whatever rumors may start. But whatever happened this last month must have pushed him from unsure to totally ready.

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Cannon is notorious for moving quickly in relationships. He and Carey married pretty quickly after getting together. There’s no way of telling whether his quick decisions are a good thing or a bad thing, but now that there are children involved, he should start making more thoughtful decisions.

Chilli is a great woman who has been looking to get serious for years now, so she might be the perfect choice for him. A big sign will be whether or not he got Chilli’s mom’s approval after their dinner date.

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