Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent has every right to be proud of her Botox

Aug 9, 2016 at 11:58 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules recently revealed that she got Botox on her her lips, chin and jawline. She shared her decision on Instagram, and because she’s only 25 years old, she got a lot of hate for it. But she’s back on Instagram defending her decision and we support her completely.


She said in her Instagram video, “So I know a lot of people started tripping yesterday when I said I was going in to get my Botox, my lips, my chin and my jawline. Here’s the thing, we all know our angles when it comes to the camera. I’ve always had an issue with the fact that I’ve never had a great jawline. I’ve never had a really great chin.”

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But after Botox, she feels better about the way she looks. She said, “I no longer have to overline my lips. These are not overlined and I don’t have to contour my chin and jawline.”


For the record, she said, “The three things I had done were 1. The non-surgical lip enhancement. 2. Diamond Facial Sculpting to my chin and jawline. 3. Botox.”

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Kent doesn’t deserve any of the hate that she gets for what she chooses to do with her body. She definitely didn’t need the Botox — her face was beautiful without it. But if it helps her feel better about herself, it’s a good thing. Especially because she didn’t go under the knife. She was able to enhance her beauty in a safe, non-invasive way.

It’s also no one else’s business. What Kent chooses to do with her body isn’t for other people to comment on. No one’s body is open for comment from anyone else. The fact that she’s openly sharing what she’s doing to make herself feel better should be celebrated, not hated on.

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If her motivation is good enough for a medical professional, then it’s good enough for us. We congratulate Kent on doing what she needs to do to feel better and for being so open about it, despite the hate from other people.

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