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Farrah Abraham tops herself with her newest, insane Teen Mom insult

Farrah Abraham launched another huge insult at her Teen Mom costars today. Abraham was a guest on comedian Theo Von’s podcast, Allegedly, and didn’t hold back with the jabs at the other Teen Mom girls — mostly she thinks they’re very thirsty for fame and money.

Von asked Abraham if she ever considered growing her family to add to her Teen Mom fame. She answered, “That option has been taken by all of my other cast members. They have really milked the shit out of that one.”

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Insinuating that the women had children in order to make more money is a new low for Abraham. She’s never had nice things to say about MTV or anyone else on the show, but acting like she’s the only business-savvy mom is completely ridiculous.

Abraham insists that she is a harder worker than any of them as well. She said, “I know how to give passion more into the universe, and I think it lacks it so much that I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t improve where I was. That’s the kind of soul that I got.”

She left out that while she thinks the other moms use their family to make money, she uses her vagina — literally, she made a mold of it to sell to anyone who wants to use it.

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And she’s welcome to make money in the sex industry — it’s very lucrative and it could be a way to teach her daughter to have a positive relationship with sex in the future. But what she can’t do is insult other women for the way that they make their money.

Not when the other women have written books, done speaking events with students and continued starring on a show that’s main purpose is to educate viewers about how hard it is to deal with teen pregnancy and motherhood. They’re all way more than women who have babies to make more money.

The comments are unnecessary and it’s sad that this is the kind of behavior we’ve learned to expect from Abraham.

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