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Keep your analysis of Kris Jenner’s recent weight gain to yourself, please

Kris Jenner just went through a very traumatic car accident, her youngest child is having a birthday this week and she’s at the head of a multi-million dollar family. And yet, people want to talk about her weight. Jenner was seen having lunch in Los Angeles today and paparazzi managed to get one unflattering picture of her so now, of course, she’s “gaining weight” and spiraling out of control.

You can hear our collective eye roll, right?

Instead of feeding into the discussion of Jenner’s physical appearance — she looks great by the way — we thought we’d offer a few things to talk about instead.

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Jenner is back on her feet

Because she’s a boss who has business to take care of, Jenner didn’t let a car accident stop her for more than an afternoon. When some people might let it keep them off their feet for a week or two, Jenner jumped right back into work- and mom-mode. Most people would be lucky to have her kind of work ethic.

Jenner’s business savvy

Let’s face it. Jenner is maybe the best strategic businesswoman we’ve seen in the last decade. We could all spend our time trying to convince her to teach a business class so that we can all learn how to go from zero to billions in 10 years. All while wearing some fierce heels.

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The Olympics

There’s a huge competition between nations happening that showcases humans doing really incredible things from around the world. Instead of commenting on whether or not Jenner has gained weight, we can talk about how so many different body types are capable of being the best in the world at their sport. Really, that’s probably the only time you should comment on someone else’s body — when you’re congratulating them for using it to be the best in the world, literally.

The election

America is on the verge of history — we might actually elect the very first woman president. It was only about 100 years ago that all women earned the right to vote, and now, we might actually run the country. That means we’re so much better than commenting on another woman’s weight, right?

Bad Moms

It’s a movie that’s out right now in which Mila Kunis stands up for all the moms trying to be perfect when it really doesn’t matter. It’s a great message, but it’s also hilarious. Crying-from-laughing funny. Laughing is always better than tearing down another woman for the way she looks. Always.

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The ‘NSYNC Reunion

The boys from ‘NSYNC got together to celebrate JC Chasez’s 40th birthday. He’s 40! Justin Timberlake shared a picture of the group together at the party and it gave us major throwback feels. It also could have made us feel like we’re older than we want to admit. But even that’s a better topic than Jenner’s weight.

Anything else

Literally. Talk about anything else. Don’t talk about a woman’s weight. We’re all better than that and Jenner deserves better treatment than that.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Nicki Nelson/WENN

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