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The story of Bethenny Frankel throwing a drink at a concert is hard to believe

Real Housewives of New York fans know that Bethenny Frankel fights for her rights. But did they know that all it takes is a Coldplay concert for her to get violent? According to Page Six, she lost her cool at an exclusive private show this weekend and ended up throwing a drink on a stranger.

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In a crowd that included the cream of the A-List like Karlie Kloss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Beyoncé, it was allegedly Frankel who got mad that there was no designated VIP section.

“Bethenny was annoyed that the women were standing [in her way] and was really nasty, asking them to move,” a source tells Page Six. “She got so annoyed, she ordered [a drink and] then threw [it] at the women… They were speechless.”

Frankel threw some shade at coverage of the incident on Twitter.

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Former Housewife Kelly Bensimon took the time out to defend Frankel, an unusual move for their contentious relationship. She told Us Weekly, “We were all having such a good time and Bethenny seemed to be in a great mood. We said hello at one point and she nicely said hello back. I was shocked to read the story because I didn’t see any of this. It just makes me sad [that] so much drama was created and nobody is promoting the Wounded Warriors. That’s why we were there, to support them.”

Whether this is the full truth or the “1/2 truth” as Bethenny calls it, we can bet she won’t be throwing any drinks anytime soon.

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