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Kylie Jenner should return her new car to Tyga if arrest rumors are true

You’d think Tyga would learn to stop giving women cars as gifts. Last time he gave his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, a car people gave him crap because it was the same one he gave his ex-girlfriend. And for this birthday, he gave Jenner a car that could actually land him in jail.

Turns out Tyga is in some hot water with his former landlord and now he’s made the courts mad too.

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According to TMZ, Tyga’s landlord has a $480,000 judgment against him after Tyga failed to pay rent on the Malibu home he was living in and for leaving it in complete shambles when he moved out.

Well today, Tyga was supposed to appear in court because he hasn’t paid the judgment, and the landlord wants to know where he’s hiding his assets, but he must have had a more important commitment than court because he never showed up.

The bad news is now the landlord knows Tyga has at least $200,000 thanks to the car he bought Jenner, the courts know he’s in Los Angeles but just refuses to appear, and he has a bench warrant out for his arrest that could land him in jail. Not a good week if you’re Tyga.

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If the courts find Tyga’s purchase of the car fraudulent, he’ll be forced to take the car back from Jenner and give the landlord that money, which would be embarrassing, to say the least.

It’s strange that he even bought Jenner a car. It’s not like she needs a new one or can’t buy seven of them herself. It’s such a huge gift that he knew would get coverage. If he had this judgment hanging over his head, you’d think he’d go for something small or understated — even a vacation.

We hope this whole thing gets cleared up fairly. And we’d highly recommend Jenner tell her boyfriend to stop buying her cars for the rest of their relationship. It’s just better that way.

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