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Transparent fans want that Caitlyn Jenner cameo nixed, or they’re boycotting

Transparent is a popular show about a family learning how to navigate their new dynamic after the transition of a parent, and Caitlyn Jenner is the most high-profile trans parent in the world — so it only seems natural that the two worlds collide, right?

Jenner will make an appearance in an episode of Transparent‘s upcoming Season 3, and according to executive producer Victor Hsu, she will come to Ali Pfefferman while she is sleeping.

“Without giving away too much, she’s part of a scene where we’re having a little bit of a dream sequence,” Hsu said to Us magazine, adding that other characters in the show will also be present in the scene.

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Jenner appearing in a vision to a daughter who is getting to know their parent again really does seem like a perfect TV show concept, but while many I Am Cait and Transparent fans alike are undoubtedly eager for Jenner’s appearance, there are other Transparent viewers who are now saying they are jumping ship from the series because of the yet-to-be-aired dream sequence.

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Some viewers have taken to social media and gossip sites to express their displeasure, even saying that they are ready to boycott the beloved show because of Jenner’s cameo.

“Sad when shows get gimmicky,” wrote one Us commenter, while others echoed, “I won’t be watching,” and, “Well I won’t be watching. This show is overrated anyway.”

Maybe these guys just aren’t into reality TV. Jenner is, after all, a Kardashian pretty much, so it’s possible that some Transparent fans feel her involvement will cheapen the series or give less credence to Maura Pfefferman’s plight.

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Still, Jenner’s struggle has been very real, even if some of the reality shows she’s been on might be slightly scripted.

What do you think? Are you excited for Jenner’s appearance on Transparent, or do you think it will cheapen the show?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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