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Maybe I’m just grumpy, but the Lady Gaga & Ray Liotta rumors are infuriating

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we start this article rant: I stayed up way past my bedtime last night, and I’m hella grumpy. With that said, all these rumors in the headlines today about how Lady Gaga is apparently dating Ray Liotta are annoying me so much, fam.

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Gaga and Liotta aren’t dating. Just, no. Stop. They’re not dating. Let’s break this down.

According to Page Six, they were spotted together having dinner in a private room at L’Artusi, an upscale Italian joint in New York City. A private room sounds romantic, you might say, until you realize that they’re two super-famous and recognizable people, and they probably just wanted some freakin’ peace while they ate their pasta.

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The site also reports that an onlooker said, “They looked super chummy and like they know each other well.” Uh, yeah. They acted together in 2014’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. I can’t say I’ve ever starred in a movie before, but I’d be willing to bet that co-stars spend a decent amount of time together. They might even become friends who later hang out and act “chummy” with one another. Weird.

The last piece of supposed evidence that points to Gaga and Liotta being a couple is that they left their table together to smoke, and they stayed at the restaurant until 10:30 p.m. Like, wow. They engaged in the decidedly communal behavior of smoking cigarettes together, and then they hung out until a reasonable hour to be at a restaurant? You guys, there’s only one answer to this: They must be dating. Because, you know, a man and a woman cannot possibly hang out together in any platonic capacity — they’re either doin’ it or they’re lying.

Ugh. I need a nap.

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Do you think Lady Gaga and Ray Liotta are a couple?

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