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Josh Murray might be the shadiest guy in Bachelor in Paradise history

When it comes to the Nick Viall vs. Josh Murray battle on Bachelor in Paradise, I’m Team Nick all the way.

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At this point, it just seems like Josh is in it for the fame rather than actually having an interest in finding love. The guy went from The Bachelorette to Famously Single, and now he’s appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. How many reality shows can he go on before we realize that he’s just seeking the spotlight over finding his soul mate?

Not to mention, I really don’t appreciate how he treats Nick. I know they have this whole rivalry thing that the show is trying to play up by putting Amanda in the middle, but Josh isn’t going to be able to make Nick look like the villain again this time. (By “this time,” I’m referring to the last time these two were on a show together, when Andi chose Josh over Nick on The Bachelorette, which really didn’t turn out well for her.)

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Plus, just because Josh called Andi’s claims about him in her book “so ludicrous” doesn’t mean I’m just going to forget what she said. I know her book was just one side of the story, but there is at least some truth to it. And she was clearly really hurt by Josh.

When Josh showed up tonight, I got the creeps, and then it only escalated when he chose Amanda for his date. I couldn’t help but feel like he was less into Amanda and more into hurting Nick. Unfortunately Amanda clearly didn’t see it like that and was all over Josh. Poor Nick was left as the runner-up once again.

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Of course, this season isn’t over just yet. There is still plenty of time for Amanda to realize that Josh is far from the one for her, in my humble opinion. I personally think she and Nick are a much better fit for each other. And if it turns out that Amanda isn’t the one for Nick this season, then I hope he finds someone even better, because I believe he is in the show for genuine reasons… unlike some.

Are you Team Nick or Team Josh after seeing tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise?

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