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Spotted at the Olympics: Leonardo DiCaprio’s archer doppelgänger

If you’ve always loved Leonardo DiCaprio but were hoping to swoon over someone a little more attainable, you’re in luck. There is a United States Olympian named Brady Ellison who could be DiCaprio’s closest doppelgänger, and people are going nuts over him.

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Ellison is a silver-medal winner in the Rio Olympics who was spotted for his familiar looks earlier today. Although Ellison has competed in both the 2008 Beijing and the 2012 London competitions, it wasn’t until his showing this year that people saw the similarities between him and DiCaprio. It’s not a total match, but you can definitely see where people are getting it from.

Both men have very dark, very expressive eyebrows that look very similar, especially when they’re concentrating. They also have matching facial hair and the same pout that shows up when they’ve got something important going on inside their heads.

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And really, if you could have something close to DiCaprio, would you say no? Probably not.

The internet is going crazy over Ellison, starting rumors that he is DiCaprio in disguise out to win another coveted award. Tweets are pouring in with questions of whether or not DiCaprio and Ellison are different people. It’s pretty hilarious.

But we can confirm that Ellison is, in fact, his own person. And a huge success in his own right. His nickname is “The Prospector” for his ability to find gold — the bullseye on an archer’s target — anytime he wants.

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He also holds the record for the longest continuous period holding the title of the number-one-ranked recurve archer — from August 2011 to August 2013. So, he basically is the DiCaprio of recurve archery. He just has more awards (sorry, Leo).

Now, if only we can spot the Justin Timberlake of the Olympics, I’d be happy to watch 24/7.

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