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Demi Lovato’s new tattoo is a reminder to keep smiling

No one is ever going to have to tell Demi Lovato to put on a happy face again. Lovato just debuted a new tattoo on Instagram. The teeny-tiny tat is a simple smiley face right on her pinky finger.

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“Cause life’s too short not to tattoo your pinky,” she captioned her photo reveal. We can’t argue with that, especially with a tattoo that’s guaranteed to make her chuckle every time she catches a glimpse of it.
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As Us Weekly points out, the fresh ink may not have been a huge decision for Lovato. She already has over 25 tattoos, like the words “You Make Me Beautiful” on her rib cage and 12 birds representing the 12 steps on her arm. Her tattoo “Stay strong” is tied to her addiction. She explains, “So anytime that I would feel triggered to either self-harm or act out in an unhealthy behavior, I could look down at that and stay strong.”

The cute smiley face is less heavy than her other tats, but it still couldn’t tie in better with Lovato’s self-loving attitude. She’s made a point to stay happy and on top of her addiction even in the spotlight. Sometimes we all need a reminder to cheer up. Lovato’s is just a little more permanent.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Celebrity tattoos slideshow
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