Go after Lisa Vanderpump and she’ll try to ruin your life, says Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is talking and she’s holding nothing back. She recently visited a podcast called Andy’s Girls where she talked about her time with Bravo and her famous rivalry with Lisa Vanderpump. And in true Glanville form, she told it all.

She talked about the usual things, like “how real is reality TV?” or more specifically “how real is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Spoiler alert: not really. Glanville said they all knew they had to be interesting in order to stay on the show, so they made themselves interesting. She admitted, “I think that sometimes on Housewives, not that the producers, the women worry about the show and we try to figure out reasons to fight.

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But the really juicy stuff came when Glanville talked about Vanderpump. She clearly doesn’t get along with Vanderpump and thinks it’s insane that everyone loves her so much when Vanderpump is clearly manipulative toward everyone on the show and off.

Glanville said Vanderpump “will always land on her feet — like a cat. She just gets forgiven. And anyone else — the public just takes them down.”

Clearly, she’s speaking from experience.

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Glanville remembered being exhausted from the friendship because of Vanderpump’s constant strategizing. She said, “It was exhausting, to be honest. We couldn’t just go to dinner — it was dinner, let’s talk about the show, let’s talk about what’s gonna happen next, almost planning everything, and I was, like, ‘this is not how I roll.’ ‘Cause I can’t plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s the truth!”

On top of everything, Glanville revealed that Vanderpump has Andy Cohen’s ear, so she can really get away with anything — which I think has more to do with Vanderpump’s reign at the top. Cohen holds all the editing power. He can make Vanderpump look great while he tears down the other women in the house if that’s what she wants.

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It’s not a total surprise because every show has to do what they can to earn viewers, but it’s still sad that Cohen doesn’t treat all of his cast members equally. We applaud Glanville for speaking her version of the truth, even if it means more drama between her and Vanderpump.

Vanderpump’s thoughts on it?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Lisa Vanderpump advice slideshow
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