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What was the point of canceling 19 Kids if Josh Duggar will be on Counting On?

With the recent announcement that Jill & Jessa: Counting On is dropping the “Jill and Jessa” part of its name comes rumors of changes to the show.

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And now that the show will focus on more of the Duggar family than primarily Jill and Jessa, the rumors are flying that TLC is preparing for Josh Duggar’s return to reality TV. And if that’s the case, what was even the point of canceling 19 Kids and Counting?

Josh was involved in scandal after scandal before his family’s show was canceled by TLC. First, he admitted to allegations that, as a teen, he had molested a number of underage girls, including some of his own sisters. He never faced charges, and it was widely speculated that his parents even helped cover up the incident to keep Josh out of jail. Then, soon after, hackers released user information for Ashley Madison, a dating site specifically for married folks seeking affairs. Josh’s name was included in the released info, and he admitted to cheating on his wife and viewing pornography.

Backlash against Josh, who admitted he was “the biggest hypocrite in the world” for espousing his conservative Christian views while engaging in sex scandals, was harsh. After advertisers threatened to pull their ads from TLC, the network announced that it was going to cancel 19 Kids and Counting and even stopped showing reruns.

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But the Duggar family was worth too much money for TLC to turn its back completely. The network picked two of the most well-behaved Duggars, Jill and Jessa, for a spinoff show. From the looks of things now, that was just a baby step toward getting all the Duggars back on TV.

Because now that all the hype surrounding Josh’s scandals has died down, TLC may be quietly planning to add Josh back into the show. Maybe it’ll just be a brief appearance or two at first, but it’ll be enough to drive headlines. Public outrage will mean more viewers, and TLC will have played the media — and the public — to use Josh’s scandal perfectly to make as much money as possible.

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Do you think Josh Duggar will return to TV?

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