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So guys, Happy Monday — Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg have a reality show together

No, this is not a joke. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are actually teaming up together for a new VH1 reality show.

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The show will be called Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party, and the details are too good to handle. It is scheduled to air this fall, and VH1 describes the show as a “half-baked evening of cooking, conversation and fun, where nothing is off-limits.”

We’re guessing that “half-baked” isn’t referring to Stewart’s cooking prowess but rather to one half of the hosting team.

In a statement, Stewart said, “At our dinner party, we will exemplify America’s fascination with food, entertaining and celebrity. Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different and very funny way.”

It kinda sounds to me like Kocktails with Khloé, taken to the Snoop Dogg level with some Stewart suave along the way.

“My homegirl Martha and I have a special bond that goes back. We’re gonna be cooking, drinking and having a good time with our exclusive friends. Can’t wait for you to see how we roll together!” Snoop Dogg added in the statement.

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The two definitely have already proved they have some awesome chemistry on camera. They appeared together recently on $100,000 Pyramid and took part in the Justin Bieber roast on Comedy Central, which initially sold them as a TV power couple.

First, a reality show. Next, let’s get them to host an award show. Heck, they can just take over the entertainment world.

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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for president in 2020!

Will you watch Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party this fall?

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