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The Big Brother women are doomed

Things got official on tonight’s Big Brother. That is, the men officially announced their alliance, grossly named The Executives. They came forward and officially said out loud what we’ve been watching them do the entire season — they intend on voting every girl out of the house first.

It’s like they’re children creating a “he-man women-hater’s club” except it’s worse because they’re not adorable children, they’re just sexist men.

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Even James Huling, the only nice guy in the house, is prepared to turn against the other half of his showmance, Natalie Negrotti, and vote her out, before turning on his fellow guy housemates. So, he’s not that much of a nice guy, he’s just not the worst guy in the house.

And it’s not that the men are taking over the house that’s upsetting. If they were good competitors or entertaining, it would be fine that they are taking over. But they’re not. They’re just taking over because they don’t like women. The most upsetting part is that the women left won’t do anything about it.

I lied. The most upsetting part is their pretentious name. But the sexism is a close second.

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Because the men got rid of every strong woman, except Nicole Franzel, they all but sealed their fate. They’re going to be able to oust every woman in the house either by winning Head of Household or because they have the votes at this point.

It’s also annoying that they’ll make the rest of this season boring to watch. If everything goes to plan, players will be picked off one by one until Paulie Calafiore leaves, and that’s terribly boring. I can’t even believe that the Big Brother producers would let it happen.

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The only thing that can make a difference is if Negrotti gets the girls together and brings Huling along. Together they could shake things up and turn the momentum of the house away from Calafiore. I just don’t have a lot of hope that she’ll think to do it.

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