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Tara Reid third-degree burns Jenny McCarthy while addressing the walkout

Tara Reid is out promoting Sharknado 4, and she wants us to talk about it — but she isn’t afraid to get a dig in while she’s at it. Since she’s still on the press circuit, she’s now getting questions about the incredibly uncomfortable interview she had on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show.

Reid stopped by Hollywood Today Live where host Ross Mathews couldn’t resist asking a few questions about what exactly went down to create such a contentious interview.

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“Something like that is so silly,” said Reid, shaking off any notions that she’s let the fight get to her. But she couldn’t resist throwing a little shade McCarthy’s way. “At least people now know you have a show,” she continued.
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Reid says she has no idea what brought on the pushy line of questioning about Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and even worse, her history of plastic surgery. “We never even had beef, so I don’t even know where that came from. I think she actually purposefully did that to get ratings.” As Mathews pointed out, coverage of the spat was everywhere.

Aside from a push for more listeners, Reid can’t think of what she may have done to cause the conflict. The two had never met before, she told Mathews. “It wasn’t like there was history there. I’ve never met her.” Mathews told Reid, “I hope you two make up,” but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing a Sharknado cameo from McCarthy any time soon.

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