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Erin Bates opens up about her pregnancy struggles

Erin Bates got candid about her pregnancy journey during tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, and it really made me feel for her.

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“I’m scared,” Erin admitted at one of her doctor’s checkups during tonight’s episode. And she has every right to feel nervous about going into labor with baby No. 2.

It was revealed during tonight’s episode that Erin has what’s considered a high-risk pregnancy because she has a blood clotting disorder that requires her to take medicine that has side effects that can affect her pregnancy.

She’s already had three miscarriages, and Kelly Jo Bates explained that it’s hard for Erin to sustain a pregnancy.

Erin also had a placental abruption when her first baby, Carson, was born. According to the March of Dimes website, a placental abruption is a serious pregnancy complication that occurs when the placenta detaches from the wall of the uterus before the baby is born. When this happens, the baby can be deprived of oxygen and nutrients, and it can cause serious bleeding.

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Erin and her husband, Chad Paine, decided together to have an induced labor for baby No. 2, which means Erin will get an epidural, and it hopefully also means things will go a lot smoother than the first time around.

Keep in mind, this episode was filmed a few months ago, meaning Erin’s delivery is now a lot closer than we saw in the show. We know she is having a baby girl named Brooklyn Elise and that she is due at the end of August, which means the labor is right around the corner.

“I’m praying that it’s going to go a lot smoother,” Erin said in the episode.

We’ll be keeping Erin and little Brooklyn Elise in our thoughts and prayers! Hopefully second time’s the charm when it comes to labor.

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In the meantime, we, as women, really value Erin’s bravery in opening up about her struggles. No doubt there are a lot of other women out there who will be comforted by the fact that they are not alone in their pregnancy fears.

What were your fears during pregnancy? What advice would you give to Erin for labor No. 2?

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