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Nicole picked the wrong alliance in the Big Brother house

The Big Brother house should just be called Paulie Calafiore’s house at this point. Tonight Da’Vonne Rogers lost the vote, and was evicted instead of Bridgette Dunning. As she left, the last glimmer of hope that we wouldn’t have to deal with Calafiore’s atrocious behavior all season, left too.

Fans expected that the men would follow his lead, but it was especially hard watching Nicole Franzel and Natalie Negrotti vote Rogers out.

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Franzel swore that her decision was strictly strategic and that she had to do what was best for her in the long run, which meant getting rid of a strong competitor. Except that Dunning has won several of the competitions and would be a bigger threat to Franzel’s success were it not for the fact that she’s afraid to ruffle feathers.

The more believable reason is because Franzel is currently enjoying a showmance with Calafiore’s BFF Corey Brooks, and she wanted to do what is best for her showmance. She also probably assumes that Calafiore respects her enough not to degrade her on national television.

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To be fair, Negrotti did the same thing when she voted to evict Rogers. Her showmance buddy, James Huling, doesn’t like to rock the boat. He encouraged Negrotti to vote Rogers off because that’s what the house (read: Calafiore) wants, and it’s best not to piss anyone off right now.

But somehow, because Huling isn’t the intolerable bigot that Brooks and Calafiore are, it’s a little less disappointing that Negrotti voted with what Huling suggested.

The sting is worse because Franzel once had the guts to stand up to Frank Eudy and get him out of the house. For unexplained reasons, she refuses to stand up to Calafiore. And it’s so frustrating because she’s such a great player of the game. There’s no doubt that if she worked, even a little bit, to turn the house against him, it would definitely work in her favor.

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Now, she’s all but lost her window of opportunity. And with the last strong competitor willing to stand up to him gone, Calafiore will most likely have a smooth ride to the end. It’s almost not worth watching anymore. But I’ll still hold a sliver of hope that Franzel can turn this thing around.

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