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Stop worrying about a reconciliation — Jennifer Garner’s happy with the way things are

Jennifer Garner isn’t worried about the rumors that surround her family. While everyone else is wondering if she and Ben Affleck are going to get back together or not, she’s focused on the most important thing — her family. Specifically, Garner and Affleck have made a point of creating a family environment despite their divorce.

Garner stopped by The Today Show to talk about her new movie and touched on her unconventional relationship with Affleck. She said, “We are definitely a modern family. We’re doing really well.”

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Their family — Affleck and Garner and their three kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel — recently took a bonding trip in London, which of course sparked reconciliation rumors. But Garner insisted it was just about the memories for the kids.

She said, “Ben was working in London on Justice League, and I felt like, well, the kids should have that experience. And he and I are great friends and we just all went en masse.”

Now that she has made it abundantly clear that the exes aren’t getting back together, it’s time to let that go. We can all focus our energy on celebrating the family that they’re working hard to create now.

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Affleck and Garner’s dedication to each other as co-parents and to their children is incredible. It takes a lot of open communication and trust to dissolve a romantic relationship but still maintain a close friendship in order to give your kids the best life possible.

Garner doesn’t see why anyone would do it any differently. She told The Today Show, “It has to be that way.”

It’s much easier to stick through the hard or uncomfortable times when you decide there’s no other option but to continue functioning as a family — even if you’re no longer in those traditional family roles.

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We applaud both Garner and Affleck for being mature and thoughtful. And certainly, their kids will thank them for it one day as well.

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