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If Mariah Carey weren’t joking, PETA would probably protest her wedding

When you’re Mariah Carey, how do you pass the time? You kill it onstage, stare at your humongous diamond ring and… make prank phone calls. Fans are getting an all new insight into Carey’s personality thanks to her upcoming E! docuseries Mariah’s World. Turns out she’s not quite as diva-licious as she seems.

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In a teaser clip from the new series, we learn that Carey takes advantage of her diva reputation to have a little fun. We see her on the phone with a well-meaning wedding planner who attempts to assist in her request for “the white tigers, the albino elephants…” for her special day. The caller assures Carey, “We’re going to get Noah’s Ark at your wedding, I promise.”

Then she shows her devilish side. Carey turns to the camera and deadpans, “That guy doesn’t know that I was joking.” Who knew Mariah Carey likes to play pranks? When you’re a pop icon marrying a billionaire like her husband-to-be James Packer, we can’t quite blame the planner for assuming this wedding is going to be one heck of a show.

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According to People, the show is mainly a “look at life on the road” as Carey takes on her first European tour in a decade. But as Carey herself describes, “There is no typical day in Mimi’s life.” I’m setting my calendar alert now.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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