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Don’t get too excited, but my money is on April as the pregnant Gilmore girl

Have you heard the theory that Lorelai and/or Rory may be pregnant in the Gilmore Girls revival? Ever since the official Instagram for the reboot shared a photo featuring a Pop-Tart platter with an apple, fans are going wild with the thought that one of the Gilmores is expecting.

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For those who don’t recall, the only time Lorelai ever enjoyed an apple was when she was pregnant with Rory. So is this particular Instagram trying to tell fans that a baby is on the way? I mean, the revival trailer also showcases Lorelai wearing a shirt that reads, “I’m with human.” It’s definitely a possibility, but what if it’s not a Gilmore? What if it’s an entirely different character?

For example, what if it’s Luke’s daughter, April? Let’s think about this for a moment. April is now an adult in college, pursuing graduate school options, and according to Vanessa Marano, her polarizing GG character is bringing something new to the table. In February she revealed the following about April to Just Jared Jr., “There is something I just found out, but I don’t think I can reveal it yet. When we come back, April has grown up, and she’s going through stages of her life when you get older and maybe change your personality a little bit.”

Does anyone else think she may be referring to a pregnancy? There is a very good chance. Let’s also not forget that when viewers first met April, she was obsessed with DNA and figuring out who her biological father was. Wouldn’t it be appropriate if she is now pregnant? She first showed up searching for her dad, and now she could be expecting. It’s like her story is coming full circle.

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Also, if she is pregnant, then maybe that is one of the reasons Luke and Lorelai still aren’t married yet. Like before, Luke could very well be coming to April’s aid, which is once again hindering his relationship with Lorelai. However, Marano told JJJ, “There’s no drama that April is at the center of in this revival, which is so nice. She’s just kind of there, being a part of the family, which is awesome.” She added, “I’ve only shot the one day at this moment in time, so as of right now… April is not breaking up any major couples right now. We’ll see how that goes…” Based on the end of Marano’s response, April could easily still cause trouble, but let’s hope the “April getting in the way of Luke and Lorelai” isn’t a major storyline again.

Actually, Scott Patterson opened up to People about Luke, Loreli and the baby rumors. “I can tell you that we are together,” he said about the beloved GG couple. “We are together, and we’re sort of figuring out our next step.” As for the possible pregnancy, he wouldn’t give a direct answer, which just might mean a baby is on the way — and maybe for April.

Rory and Lorelai
Image: Netflix

Everyone should keep in mind that there may not be a pregnancy at all. The Pop-Tart and apple platter could mean something completely different. In Season 1, Episode 13, Lorelai made Rory, Paris, Louise and Madeline a snack consisting of Pop-Tarts and an apple, as you can see above. Maybe, just maybe, the platter in the Instagram is teasing a reunion of the four former Chilton students?

Even though Louise (Teal Redmann) and Madeline (Shelly Cole) don’t seem to be returning (they could show up as a surprise), Liza Weil is as Paris Geller. A reunion is plausible. Or the platter might mean Paris and Doyle are expecting a child. Anyone else hope that’s true? Just imagine them as parents — aka it’d be amazing.

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Really, the theories about this platter (which might not mean anything at all) are endless. Leave it to a plateful of Pop-Tarts and an apple to cause a stir in the GG fandom.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres Friday, Nov. 25 at 12:01 a.m. PT on Netflix.

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