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A YouTube star’s gross comment about Blue Ivy has the Beyhive all riled up

If you hadn’t heard of YouTube star Shane Dawson before, you’re definitely going to know his name now, except it’s probably not for a reason he’s very proud of. Dawson has angered Beyoncé’s fans, and it’s all because of his “joke” about her daughter, Blue Ivy.

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In his latest YouTube video titled “Trying Girl Products 7,” Dawson tests out a range of female products, including a face mask made for children, which he describes as “ew” and then goes on to say it looks like it was made for an adult. Which brings us to the real issue, he starts talking about kids with “adult faces” and then he comments on Blue Ivy.

“Beyoncé’s kid? He looks like he’s 48 and works at a bank,” he says in the video. “Like no thank you, [Blue] Ivy, I’m good, I don’t need a savings account.”

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A lot of people are disgusted by this comment, and have taken to Twitter to blast Dawson for being “trash” and making fun of a child’s appearance.

“Ew f*** Shane Dawson for making fun of Blue Ivy’s appearance. I don’t care if she’s the child of famous people, she’s still a CHILD,” Molzarella ? tweeted.
While others are unsurprised and referred to Dawson as having been a “racist” for a very long time.

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Dawson did take to Twitter to apologize for his comments with a series of tweets (although they now look to be deleted). He wrote, “I love Beyoncé obviously. she f***ing Beyoncé. anyone that can’t take a joke needs to stay off my timeline.”

He continued, “I didn’t even know [Blue] Ivy was a girl cause I’m so out of the loop. so obviously my joke wasn’t to be taken seriously. but I’m still sorry.”

But it’s not all hate. Some people feel that Dawson need not apologize, and many of his fans took to Twitter to defend his controversial comments.

What do you think of Shane Dawson’s remark about Blue Ivy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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