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Ozzy Osbourne’s ex-mistress is waging war on his daughter, Kelly

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are working on mending their relationship following the exposure of his affair with Michelle Pugh (which she claims was much more than just physical), and the situation just keeps getting messier — and Kelly Osbourne may be about to learn the hard way that sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue.

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Kelly was enraged when she discovered her father had been unfaithful, and she took to Twitter on May 23 to let her feelings about Pugh be known.

In a since-deleted tweet, Kelly posted a number believed to be Pugh’s along with a message urging anyone who is “looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blowout and a blowjob” to give that number a call. In a second tweet, she also accused Pugh of manipulating her father, writing, “My father is almost 70 ever heard of elder abuse?”

But Kelly’s tweets are coming back to bite her.

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According to TMZ, Pugh recently filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. In the lawsuit, she allegedly admits to having a three-year affair with Osbourne (the secret relationship ended in May 2016) and insists that he made the advances. She also believes that Kelly’s tweets were defamatory and have resulted in emotional damage as well as lost business.

Pugh contends a few other allegations against her too: Ozzy did not financially support her, and she claims that Sharon and Ozzy broke up because of their arguments over financial issues and control, not because of his affair.

TMZ reportedly reached out to Kelly’s reps, but so far there has been no comment on the lawsuit.

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What do you think about the lawsuit against Kelly Osbourne and the different claims made by Michelle Pugh and Ozzy Osbourne? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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