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BB18‘s Paulie Calafiore is the biggest jerk and yet, everyone follows his lead

Big Brother’s Paulie Calafiore may be the worst contestant, actually person, that I’ve had to see in a long time. He’s wildly sexist and constantly offends every woman in the house. He’s even going so far as to plot to evict all of them before he sets his sights on evicting his male counterparts. But what’s worse than his behavior is the fact that everyone is going along with him.

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Calafiore was put up for eviction alongside Bridgette Dunning with the hope that he would win Power of Veto and elect to put Da’Vonne Rogers up for a vote. No one has any reason for Rogers to be up for a vote other than she is a woman with an opinion, so already this plan has sexism written all over it.

Unfortunately, because Calafiore gets everything that he wants, he did win the Power of Veto, and his whole plan looks like it’s going to be executed.

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What I don’t understand is why no one is working to evict Calafiore? He’s obviously offending the women, who currently outnumber the men, and he’s shown himself to be conniving and backstabbing. The women have the numbers, but they have been torn apart by the worst two men in the house, and it could not be more frustrating to watch.

The only hope the women have to band together is if Dunning gets sent home and Rogers stays. Dunning is as good of a competitor, but she doesn’t rally the troops like Rogers does. If the women are going to take their power back from the men, and especially Calafiore, they’re going to need Rogers in the front.

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In the meantime, we’ll all be waiting on edge of our seat during tomorrow’s elimination. And I will also be stewing over the fact that I thought Calafiore was a good guy, but he’s actually the biggest jerk ever.

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