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Bethenny Frankel has to come clean to LuAnn de Lesseps on RHONY

LuAnn de Lesseps is crazy in love with her fiancé Tom D’Agostino — so deep in love that she has been ignoring crazy red flags from all of her friends. Tonight on Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel dropped another bombshell to the other housewives, but still isn’t sure if she should tell de Lesseps.

During the yacht party to celebrate de Lesseps’ engagement, Frankel sat down with all the housewives, except de Lesseps, to talk about the new rumor she heard about D’Agostino. Apparently, a mutual friend spotted D’Agostino making out with a model in the lobby of a hotel while he was engaged to de Lesseps.

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Before Frankel told the girls, she sat down with de Lesseps to talk about her relationship. Frankel wondered if maybe the couple had an open relationship, which de Lesseps denied. The questions raised de Lesseps’ suspicions, but she didn’t really give the entire situation a second thought.

Tonight’s episode ended with Frankel deciding whether or not she was going to talk to de Lesseps about the photos and the cheating.

The right thing to do is to tell her. Despite the fact that Frankel and de Lesseps aren’t the best of friends at the moment, they still care about each other. And if de Lesseps finds out that Frankel had this kind of information and held it from her, it could end their friendship forever.

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There is an argument to make that Frankel would look like she’s meddling in the relationship, but that’s a small price to pay when your friend is in the dark about a cheating significant other. Frankel could tell her, and de Lesseps will probably ignore her completely, or wave it off as “before Lu” — her favorite excuse. But at least Frankel will know that she’s done everything she can to protect her friend.

Even if de Lesseps isn’t her closest friend, she is still a woman, and women should always look out for each other.

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