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Michael Douglas’ face is permanently tattooed on his son’s stomach

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron, has paid a mostly touching and slightly odd tribute to his father by tattooing his father’s face on his stomach. Cameron has been in prison for the last seven years, during which time he added quite a few tattoos to his collection, including a portrait of Michael and his grandfather Kirk.

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Cameron underwent a physical transformation with his body, adding on lots of muscle and tattoos that he’s very proud of. He showed off his new physique on Instagram with a photo that was captioned, “Not going to quit until I get there. #tattoo #bodyink #camerondouglas.”

According to reports, Cameron was released quietly from jail and has been living in a halfway house. He apparently spent the last two years in solitary confinement, so anything has to be an improvement on that. It provides Cameron the counseling he needs for his past struggles with substance abuse and trafficking.

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Cameron first went to jail for possession of half a pound of methamphetamines, which was enough to charge him with an intent to distribute. According to Page Six, he was sentenced to five years in prison in April 2010, but his stay was extended in 2011 after he pleaded guilty to smuggling heroin and other drugs into jail with the help of his girlfriend at the time and his lawyer. He was scheduled for release in 2018, but was granted an early release.

Clearly the past few years have been tough on the entire family, but things might be looking up for everyone. I guess it all depends on whether or not Michael and Kirk feel flattered by the tattoos. But tattoos or not, I’m sure they’re all happy to be back together as a family and not have to visit in a correctional facility room.

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