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Drake wants to put a baby in Rihanna

Drake is back on his campaign to get Rihanna to be in his life, but now he’s asking for more. Specifically, he wants Rihanna to be the mother of his children. During his 2016 OVO Fest show in his hometown of Toronto last night, Rihanna stopped by to perform with him, and he let everyone know he was ready to have a child with her.

Between songs, Drake said, “You showed up two nights in a row for my city. You might have to go half on a baby.”

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He added, “Y’all better make some motherfucking noise for Rihanna one time. This is the greatest entertainer in the world, flying all the way in from God knows where just to be with the Six tonight, so please make some noise for her one time. And [she’s] looking good doing it too.”

Drake’s comments the night before were a little more subtle, but still very flirtatious. He said to Rihanna, “Let me just say, for the record. For being here tonight, and for everything and anything else, you are way too good to me.”

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Obviously, nothing inspires Drake’s lyrics or performances like his love for Rihanna. For years, he’s been trying to get together with her — dating back to when she was still on-again off-again with Chris Brown. So seeing the couple together having fun is a treat for most of their fans.

It’s clear to anyone watching or listening that the two have a chemistry and an affection for each other that produces mega hits. And, for what it’s worth, they would produce some awfully beautiful babies. But really, anyone could go half on a baby with Rihanna and come out with a gorgeous baby.

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Only time will tell whether these two stay together, but for now it’s fun watching them flirt and dance together onstage.

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