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Yes, The Bachelorette‘s Robby did get work done on his pearly white teeth

It hasn’t even been a week yet and Robby Hayes is already pulling in brand deals thanks to his Bachelorette fame. The first of probably many to come involves Hayes showing off his brand new, semi-blinding teeth, thanks to a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Jason Olitsky.

Most people noticed Hayes’ upgraded smile during his appearance on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, saying his teeth were much brighter than they’d been all season. So, Hayes gave Us Weekly the whole story.

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He said, “The doctor is a good friend of mine and a huge fan of the show. Basically, I went in there looking for a slight touch-up, like a few months of Invisalign. My teeth weren’t bad to begin with, but I thought they could be a little better.”

But apparently being a reality TV star has its perks. Hayes said, “When I walked in, everyone — including the doctor — was so excited and was more than ready to help me in any way they possibly could, because I was a hometown favorite.”

And, probably because they saw an opportunity to grow their business.

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Hayes added, “When I told Dr. Olitsky what I thought would be best for me, he had some other plans. So he [decided on] the best dental plan for me, and him being my dentist, I trusted him and went that route. Very happy with the results!”

And besides the brightness, they look great. But even that will tone down after a few weeks.

What’s most entertaining about this is Hayes’ eagerness to start cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame. It’s a smart business move, and one that all of us would probably do if we were in his shoes, but I would never have guessed he would have picked a local cosmetic dentist from his hometown as his first endorsement. But I guess it’s not all that different from posting on Instagram about a teeth whitener.

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