Simon Cowell’s vote on America’s Got Talent was disappointing

Simon Cowell is supposed to be the tell-’em-like-it-is, straight-talking reality TV guy. Or at least, that’s what he was known for on American Idol. So why is he suddenly pandering to an America’s Got Talent contestant who, while very talented, is clearly not the most deserving of a spot in the semifinals?

Kadie Lynn Robertson
Image: NBC

It’s no secret that Cowell has a soft spot for young singer Kadie Lynn Roberson. He has consistently given her positive feedback, and she has consistently deserved it. But during a season that is chock-full of super-talented singers, she’s a bit out of her league. Cowell should be the first to recognize this, and yet he keeps pushing Roberson, even when other contestants offer up more impressive performances.

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It’s not a stretch to say that Cowell’s vote during tonight’s elimination episode was predictable. The blunt judge of yesteryear has been replaced by a softer, kinder guy who invariably votes based on his bias in favor of singers. It’s a natural bias to have, and sometimes the singers are definitely worthy of moving on in the competition. But tonight, that simply wasn’t the case.

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ThroWings is one of the most exciting, spellbinding acts America’s Got Talent has ever seen, and they therefore should have moved on to the next round. But when it became evident that Cowell had the deciding vote, I knew that ThroWings had no chance. Of course he would vote for his favorite singer. He’s Simon Cowell and he likes singers, especially singers he thinks he can mold into the next big thing.

Image: NBC

Cowell’s vote has been referred to by many as just one small part of a broader money-making scheme, in which he promotes the crap out of Kadie Lynn Roberson and then reaps the rewards down the road. I can see the merit in this argument, although I suspect that his vote may have more to do with his natural bias in favor of singers. Many Twitter users, however, disagree:

I love Roberson, but I just don’t think she’s cut out for the semifinals. ThroWings deserved that spot, but thanks to Cowell (and Heidi Klum) they’re headed home. I never thought I’d say this, but… I miss Howard Stern!

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