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Johnny Depp drama isn’t stopping Amber Heard from club-hoppin’ with a hottie

As if her divorce from Johnny Depp isn’t messy enough, now Amber Heard has to deal with rumors of a new relationship. Heard was spotted partying with billionaire Elon Musk again last night, and people are wondering whether the pair is actually together.

This is only one of the very few times Heard and Musk have been spotted spending time together, but it’s still enough to spark rumors. Last time Heard flat-out denied that they were anything but friends. But it’s starting to look like they may be something a little more than that.

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Musk, like Heard, is in the middle of a divorce, so it’s possible that the two are bonding over their current struggles. But we all know what happens when friends try to comfort each other through a divorce. Just look at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

Heard is obviously free to move on whenever she feels ready, and she’s certainly going to need a lot of support for the battle she’s about to have with Depp. But one of her requests in the divorce papers is spousal support. Since she and Depp never signed a prenup, she’s well within her rights to request it. But it’s up to the judge to decide whether he thinks it’s necessary.

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It’s going to be very difficult for a judge to feel the need to give her any of Depp’s money if she’s dating a man worth $12 billion.

Whether Heard and Musk are a romantic couple or just friends, it’s good to see that Heard is getting back to a normal life. She’s not letting any of the rumors or the drama of her divorce stop her from living. Even with a deposition looming next week, she’s determined to enjoy her life. She’s been spotted in Miami, Los Angeles and now London in the last month alone. We should all be so lucky to mend a broken heart by jet-setting around the world with a billionaire friend!

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Tell us! Do you think Amber Heard and Elon Musk are a couple or just friends?

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