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Miranda Kerr was so not about Orlando Bloom’s nude paddleboarding

Orlando Bloom has turned everyone on Twitter into a group of thirsty teenagers. He’s currently on vacation with his girlfriend Katy Perry and decided that it was too hot to wear clothes. Bloom went about his day, laying on the beach, paddleboarding and all the regular things you would do on a beach vacation, except he did it completely naked.

Of course, paparazzi found the pair and started snapping as many pictures of the couple as they could. And even though you can’t see anything R-rated, people are going crazy over the pictures.

You can see some of our favorite reactions here.

Two people who aren’t losing their minds over the photos? Bloom and Perry. A source commented to Us Weekly that, “[Bloom] finds the whole situation amusing.” He even joked about the size of the censor bar the NY Daily News used to cover him — don’t worry, he approved.

The source claims that Perry was equally unperturbed by the whole ordeal. “This isn’t something that would annoy her,” the source adds. Do we smell a girlfriend of the year award?

But Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, also had a thing or two to say about the photos, and it turns out the pair are on such good terms that he even sent over a little text to let her know that his manhood was making the headlines.

During an interview on Australian radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Kerr revealed that while Bloom may have played it cool in public, he was actually pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Oh, my God ? he texted me and he was like, ‘Um, I’m really embarrassed. Some photos are coming out. Just thought I should let you know,'” Kerr said. As for her response? “I was like, ‘Hmm… right, what were you thinking? Seriously, what were you thinking?'”

She also joked that Bloom should be the recipient of one of her Bonds Swim swimsuits, so there isn’t a repeat of these photos in the future — we’re not sure fans would thank her for that though.

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Of course, as it usually does when something major happens, controversy has started already. Fans are debating whether or not people should be so interested in the photos and demanding uncensored versions.

It’s a reaction to the recent gross phenomenon in which celebrities’ nude photos get leaked to the public. People have started fighting back, shaming anyone who looks at or publishes their private photos. So now there’s a whole group of people shouting double standard.

And it makes sense. But there’s one key difference.

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Bloom is naked on a public beach. No one hacked into his iCloud or even took a shot through the window of his hotel room with a telephoto lens. He was hanging out for anyone to see. (I know, I’m sorry for the pun.) The nature of these pictures and where they were taken does make it a little different.

On the other hand, I can totally see where he thought he was safe enough to get naked in front of his girlfriend, trusting that it wouldn’t end up all over the internet. It’s totally naive, but I get it.

I think for the NY Daily News to release the pictures, but only the censored version, is the right thing to do given the circumstances, and it’s definitely a conversation we should all keep having. Where is the line between sharing news and invading someone’s privacy?

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What do you think? Is this a double standard?

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This article was originally published on Aug. 3, 2016 and updated on Sept. 1, 2016.

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