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Shonda Rhimes is totally up to something with the new Grey’s Anatomy poster

Shonda Rhimes has finally given us our first clue about Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy! The brilliant creator tweeted out the new Grey’s Anatomy poster, teasing the medical dramedy’s 13th season on ABC, which premieres on Sept. 22. The new Grey’s poster offers a more subdued look at the show. Instead of a high-resolution photo of the show’s heroine Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), the poster features a black and white portrait of Dr. Grey, the only color found in her bright blue eyes, with one half of her face obscured by a silhouetted Seattle skyline.

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Naturally, the striking poster has inspired fans to try to figure out what it could mean for Season 13. About 10 hours after Rhimes shared the new poster on Twitter, she returned to dismiss the theory that the new artwork had any hidden meaning, writing, “It means ABC designs really cool posters.” Still, this is the same woman who killed McDreamy, played with our Olitz-loving hearts on Scandal, and has continued to torture fans with dramatic death after dramatic near-death (seriously, Meredith Grey has been in mortal danger more times than I can count). In other words, Rhimes’ secret-keeping skills are so legendary that Olivia Pope could learn a thing or two from her. So, instead of taking her word for it, let’s analyze this Season 13 poster and see if we can’t discover some meaning behind it.

Grey’s Anatomy’s new poster presents an entirely new look at the show’s main character. The Meredith Grey in this poster is not smiling, not looking off into the distance at a hopeful future, not ‘smeyesing.’ This Meredith Grey is staring directly at us, almost daring us to judge her. Even with half her face blocked, she still appears positively intimidating and strong, just as she always has been. Her expression seems to foreshadow a season of Meredith Grey taking on the world — or at least Seattle.

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It’s also interesting to note that she doesn’t appear to be wearing a doctor’s coat or scrubs, as she has in basically every official Grey’s Anatomy poster ever. This could be nothing, or it could mean that we’re going to see Meredith embrace her life outside of the hospital, whether that means she’ll be focusing on her personal life — a new post-Derek romance with Riggs, perhaps — or her life as a mother. Obviously, the absence of her doctor gear could mean that things are about to change drastically for Meredith, but if you’re worried it means Meredith will leave her job at Grey Sloan Memorial, rest assured that this is highly unlikely. What is Grey’s Anatomy without Grey and Anatomy?

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No matter what Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 holds for Meredith Grey, it’s clear that she will be tackling Shondaland’s ups and downs the same way she always has: with a strong, and independent, head on her shoulders.

What do you think the new Grey’s Anatomy poster could mean?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Grey's Anatomy slideshow
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