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The View scored big-time with their new co-host Sara Haines

The View secured another official co-host today. Sara Haines is set to join Whoopi Goldberg, Candace Cameron Bure, Joy Behar, Raven-Symoné and Paula Faris for the 20th season of the show’s run. Haines isn’t as much of a household name as some of her other co-hosts, so we thought we’d take a second to introduce you to the newest member of the Hot Topics table.

She’s sorta great at everything

Haines is an all-around talent. She was born in Iowa and moved to Massachusetts to attend Smith College. While she was there, she played basketball and volleyball for the school. She obviously didn’t pursue a career in pro sports, but she still participates in triathlons regularly. The girl cares a lot about being active!

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She’s totally comfortable in front of the camera

Haines comes to The View from ABC News and Good Morning America. She started her career on The Today Show, playing around with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb during their fourth hour. She was there for four years before she moved over to lifestyle reporting for ABC News and became a pop news anchor for Good Morning America. This morning show routine is second nature to her by now.

You’ve probably seen her on The View before

If she looks familiar to you, it’s because Haines has actually been a guest host at the Hot Topics table more than 30 times. That experience may be her most valuable because the women of The View aren’t known for backing down from their opinions. We have a feeling she won’t have any problem getting her voice out there.

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She’s a total dog person

Haines’ Instagram is full of two things — her awesome times on set and her adorable Chihuahua puppy. She’s not shy about how much she loves her dog and wants to take him everywhere she goes. For any dog lovers in the audience, this is a sign she can be trusted completely.

She’s part of an adorable family

Haines lives in Brooklyn with her handsome husband, Max Shifrin, and her adorable baby son, Alec. Honestly, there might not be a cuter baby than Alec.

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She’s always working

Back in 2014, Haines wrote an article for Cosmopolitan telling everyone how she managed to land her spot on Good Morning America, and this girl doesn’t stop working. She talks about having total hustle and making sure not to waste a single opportunity.

She wrote, “The biggest thing I learned while I was a page is that you have to be a sponge and soak in everything because new things, people, lessons are all around you if you are open to letting them in. The problem many people have is that they are so busy worrying about what they are working toward, or the ‘next’ in their life, that they miss out on the ‘right now.’” 

It sounds like The View picked an incredible co-host to add to the team. It’ll be fun to watch her add her point of view to the show in the fall.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The View controversial moments slideshow
Image: ABC

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