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Milania Giudice is the best thing about RHONJ right now

Lest you forget that Milania Giudice, age 10, is better at life than basically everyone, her YouTube channel is here to remind you. While The Real Housewives of New Jersey spins its dramatic web every week and Milania’s mom, Teresa Giudice, copes with her return to life outside of prison and navigates raising her four daughters while husband Joe is in prison himself, Milania is off taking over the internet.

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Milania is known as the hilariously difficult Giudice child; she says what she wants when she wants to, and she will not be stopped. (One of my personal favorite Milania quotes: “Shut your butthole.”) Her YouTube videos are clearly taken by her on her phone, and apparently all uploaded by her, which I have questions about, although, kids these days and their technology, right? The videos, posted in March of 2016, feature her jumping on a trampoline, putting on makeup and wigs with her other 10-year-old friends, playing a game in which she and said friends challenge each other to go get things in the room and bring them back in 7 seconds and getting ready for bed. (“I’m going to bed right now. I’m tired, but tomorrow I’ll vlog.”) 

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I cannot emphasize the importance of watching this YouTube channel enough. Even if you have never in your life watched an RHONJ episode, your day will be greatly improved by Milania’s… Milania-ness. It’s super-funny and refreshingly real since Milania does not front. The drama in the Giudice house seems to be relentless, and it’s hard to imagine that it hasn’t affected Milania and her sisters (particularly Gia, the oldest), which is also why it’s great to see something so normal come from the kid of an RHONJ cast member. When things get too intense in our lives and in reality land, let us all make our way over to YouTube to remind ourselves that Milania is here for us.

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Will you watch Milania’s YouTube antics? Tell us in the comments!

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