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Luann de Lesseps’ fiancé may have cheated, and I can’t say I’m surprised

Raise your hand if you have been waiting for the news that Luann de Lesseps’ new fiancéTom D’Agostino Jr., has cheated on her. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Cue the gasps, and feign your complete surprise.

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So of course there isn’t a confession just yet, but it seems pretty likely that Luann’s beloved Tom may be just as unfaithful as he has been billed to be from the jump. Remember, this is the guy who has had intimate relations with and dated both Sonja and Ramona. When a guy has had that much history with two of your very good friends, it’s probably time to move on to another wading pool altogether. Unfortunately Luann is in deep and is currently moving full steam ahead with plans for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Hopefully this all becomes clear before she makes a huge commitment to a pretty shady dude.

Both Sonja and Ramona have tried numerous times over the course of this season to let Luann know exactly who Tom really is. It’s been falling on some seriously deaf ears, because Luann is legitimately like a lovesick teenager at the moment. It’s like he put a spell on her. Have we checked his education? Is he harboring a degree from Hogwarts? There was even an episode a few weeks ago where Ramona flat out told her that Tom had been communicating with his ex-girlfriend daily and had even bought her a fancy bracelet for her birthday. That doesn’t exactly seem like good boyfriend behavior, right? I feel like that would throw my sensors on high alert. Not Luann, though. She was actually angry at Ramona for talking to her about it. When you are placing blame on your friends instead of the guy that’s clearly being a dog, that’s a sign that a relationship is unhealthy.

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Now it looks like our favorite straight shooter, Bethenny, is holding some incriminating texts that could prove Tom is a cheater. Luann is playing the same old tune, of course, and isn’t ready to accept that this could be true. Her attitude is basically that the girls are out to make her sad and just want to upset her. Why would your girlfriends choose to upset you by making up things about your betrothed? Exactly. There is most definitely a nugget of truth hanging in the balance here, and Luann needs to take her Tom glasses off for a moment to bring back some rational thought. Girlfriend, you can do better. Don’t take this guy’s shenanigans. Any guy who is going to plow through a group of tight-knit girlfriends is a sleazy guy at best.

I suppose we all will have to wait for the inevitable explosion to happen when this guy gets caught. I just hope it happens before the end of the year, because weddings are expensive, and no one needs to enter into that kind of lifelong commitment with a known cheater.

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Are you surprised that Tom has been unfaithful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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