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Of course Tara Reid and Dean May were fronting on Marriage Boot Camp

Tonight’s new episode of Marriage Boot Camp included so many things that are delightful about this show: lie detector tests, frosty stares from hosts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, yelling (obviously), the surrendering of the couples’ rings so that they can go out on the town as theoretically single people and, of course, drunkenness. And then, in perhaps the least dramatic reveal of nonnews in the history of Marriage Boot Camp, Tara Reid told us what, on some level, we already knew in our hearts: she and Dean May are, in fact, not an actual couple.

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Fans have been suspicious of Tara and Dean’s couple status since the beginning of the season — wondering if they were ever together, if they were possibly related (yikes) or if they were just on the show for the publicity — because they didn’t act like a couple. I’m not sold on the “acting like a couple” defense because you shouldn’t have to act a certain way to make people believe you’re in a relationship, but as it turns out, these two were actually faking it.

This does explain why Tara never wanted to do any of the drills and why, when she did, nothing of substance ever came out. Part of me thinks this whole thing is so wrong because, theoretically, a couple who needed help could have taken Tara and Dean’s spot on the show. But another part of me, the evil part, who wishes this kind of thing would happen more often on reality TV, is super impressed.

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But why wait until there’s only one episode in the season to reveal the truth? Wouldn’t a more awesome story be their confession that they fooled everyone until after the show ended?

Next week, the couples decide if they’re going to give their relationships another try or go it alone, so what does that mean for Tara and Dean? Are they getting kicked off in the last episode of the season? Is the lying a lie? Is Tara just messing with us? That would be beyond crazy. Also, is this really the best way for either of these two to revive their careers?

I have nothing but questions, you guys. What’s the screening process to get on this show? One fan on Twitter commented that he knew Tara and Dean weren’t together because there was no reference to Dean on Tara’s Wikipedia page. (I checked; he’s right.) While that’s obviously not a foolproof way to guarantee that people don’t lie to get on your show, it does make me wonder if anyone did research of any kind about Tara and Dean — or if everyone knew they weren’t together and this is all the most elaborate sort of prank. That seems too far, even for a reality show, though… right?

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Do you think Tara’s telling the truth? Are she and Dean just friends? Tell us in the comments!

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