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Prince Harry’s latest text buddy is totally playing it cool

As a member of the royal family, Prince Harry was obviously raised to have impeccable manners and be aware of the correct etiquette in any given situation. Even when it comes to texting.

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We all know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t text you back immediately, right? Like a watched kettle that never boils, staring at the phone and willing it to ping never works, but we do it anyway. Not if Prince Harry is your text buddy, however. Australian actress Margot Robbie can vouch for this.

It might seem like an odd pairing, but 26-year-old Robbie revealed that her royal pal is extremely well-mannered when it comes to texting. In an interview to promote her new film Suicide Squad, she said the prince “is pretty quick on text, actually. Unlike me. I write back four days later, weeks later sometimes.”

Well, if Prince Harry texted us, we’d reply without delay, but each to their own.

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For anyone wondering exactly what is said in the pair’s text exchanges, it’s all extremely aboveboard, as Robbie is in a relationship with director Tom Ackerley.

So how did the two become friends? It’s all down to Cara Delevingne, who has been friends with Harry for years and introduced him to her actress pal at a party thrown by Suki Waterhouse last year.

It appears they’ve become firm friends despite Robbie’s laid-back approach to keeping in touch. In fact, the prince (who is currently single and fifth in line to the throne) was even the butt of a prank played by Robbie and Delevingne. The mischievous twosome told Love magazine that they texted Harry when they were together, telling him they’d dreamt about him the night before.

His reply obviously came quickly, and read: “You two are obviously together. But I’m extremely glad I was in your dreams.”

Oh Harry. Drop us a line.

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