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Brandi Glanville & Aubrey O’Day should have been more careful on Famously Single

Brandi Glanville and Aubrey O’Day definitely got the most face time during this season of Famously Single. The two fought with each other, coupled up with Calum Best and Pauly D, and then fought with the men. To say the least, the women were not presented in the best light.

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In the final episode tonight, Glanville is shown picking a fight with Best, who is trying to be a complete gentleman to her. He even mentions that he knows she’s picking a fight because it’s everyone’s last night in the house, but she still doesn’t change her behavior. She goes on to drink and verbally assault Best’s character.

Meanwhile, O’Day is still trying to threaten Pauly D with leaving if he doesn’t start worshiping her. He continues to tell her he’s trying to take it slow, but all she hears is he’s trying to play hard to get, to which she says, “Don’t play hard to get with someone who’s hard to get.”

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I’m all for her confidence, but O’Day doesn’t look like a supportive or present partner in that moment. All season she’s looked more concerned with herself than Pauly, which is frustrating because it’s probably not the way she intended to look.

Obviously, the producers of the show edit their footage to create the most dramatic and entertaining show for their fans, so they weren’t going to make Glanville or O’Day look like they had it all together. But the old rule is if you don’t give them anything to edit together, then you’re fine. I just wish that O’Day and Glanville had been more aware of how the show could make them look. They painted themselves in a very selfish light.

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Luckily they had very patient men in Best and Pauly D. It was easy to assume that they had charming and endearing moments, because these guys were being so kind to them. Were it not for them, I would suggest that Glanville and O’Day stay away from dating reality shows for a long time. Maybe they should stay away anyway.

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