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Little People, Big World gets major backlash over a bathtub picture

Everyone knows the Little People, Big World kids are some of the best behaved of any reality TV families. They all have strong relationships with God, and spend a lot of time spreading positive messages through their social media. But one bathtub picture may ruin all of that.

Audrey Roloff, the wife of Jeremy, the average-size twin, posted a picture to her Facebook that showed her in a bathtub. Now, you can’t see anything, but yes, she’s not wearing any clothes… mostly because she’s in a bathtub, but people were furious about it anyway.

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One fan said, “Please don’t start taking pictures like the Kardashians you’re too classy for that!!!”

Another followed up with a comment that said, “Although… I am sure you have on clothes… it’s a little to bold for me!!!”

Jeremy liked the picture from his Facebook, obviously supporting his wife’s image. And Audrey did a great job of not inviting the fans into an argument. She simply replied to the Kardashian comparison with a sarcastic, “Oh, boy… ha.”

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Seeing Audrey in a bathtub is definitely a little different than the content she’s usually posting, which consists of love letters to Jeremy and bible verses. But it’s still not even close to the countless nude, full-frontal selfies we’ve seen from the Kardashians.

And, to be clear, both sides are allowed to post whatever they want and be as naked as they want. I’m not here to slut shame anyone. But I am here to ask people to calm down a little bit. Audrey isn’t going to suddenly change her brand from a religious, wholesome girl to some sex pot. And even if this picture was the thing that sent her over that edge, there’s nothing wrong with that. Fans need to give the girl a break.

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