The way Eva Mendes chose her second daughter's name is beautiful

Aug 2, 2016 at 6:14 p.m. ET
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It was a tumultuous time when Eva Mendes' second daughter was born.

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Mendes recently gave an interview to Latina magazine and explained what a hard time she had welcoming her daughter just 12 days after her brother, Carlos, lost his battle with cancer.

"Losing my brother brought our family closer, and we were already close to begin with," Mendes said. "So to just see everybody be there for one another and show up, I feel so lucky to have them. We had a funeral service for [Carlos], and that same week, I had the baby. It was really, really intense and obviously beyond heartbreaking, but also kind of beautiful."

But because of the new baby, as well as parenting her first daughter, Esmeralda, Mendes admitted that she still hasn't really processed her brother's death.

"My older little girl is not yet 2 years old," she explained. "My little one is still an infant, and right now it’s really about surviving those nights and trying to enjoy this time as much as possible with them, and start the bond between Esmeralda and Amada. It’s a really, really special time. I’m loving it."

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Amid the tragedy, she revealed that she and her husband, Ryan Gosling, struggled to come up with the right name for their new daughter.

"My grandmother’s name is Amada, and Esmeralda Amada is the name of our oldest," she explained. "We had a few names picked out for our new baby, and when she was born, we didn’t feel like those names were her. We came up with a few more, even that morning, and tried them out. We were like, ‘What about Viviana?’ But we just kept going back to Amada."

Mendes continued, "In true Latin fashion, we reuse names all the time. … I actually told [Ryan], ‘This is common in Latin culture, so it wouldn’t be crazy.’ … And it was an emotional time with the passing of my brother. We thought how beautiful to go with what made us emotional and with what felt like her. When we looked at her, we thought, 'Aww, Amadita.'"

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