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Stop painting Tamra Judge as a terrible mom — she’s doing all she can

The rumors of Tamra Judge’s custody battle continue to get uglier despite the fact that she’s not currently in a custody battle. She finally sat down with Entertainment Tonight to set the record straight about what’s going on with her and her children.

Judge said, “I’ve never lost custody of any of my kids. I hear that all the time.” But she insisted, “I’m not going through a custody battle.”

Judge has two children with her ex-husband Simon Barney, and the two have endured a terribly ugly divorce that resulted in a huge rift between the four of them. Two years ago, their daughter, Sidney, told Judge she didn’t want to live with her anymore, and the two haven’t seen each other since.

Judge revealed that last year that a therapist said Sidney suffered from  “parental alienation,” in which she is rejecting the parent she doesn’t live with.

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Once Judge was strong enough to talk about her heartbreaking separation from her daughter publicly, she’s been using every opportunity to reveal what is happening in her own family and so many other families. She said, “It’s sad, and hard, and horrible, and it’s happening all over the world. It’s when a kid gets stuck in the middle.”

She explained that “there was no huge thing that happened between us. It wasn’t like we were fighting or screaming at each other. It was nothing like that.”

Judge wants parents to know that they can prevent it if they’re more aware of their actions during the divorce. She said, “If there’s anything that I can do from this experience, it’s let other people know that this is happening all over the place, all over the world. Parents get divorced. Kids sometimes choose sides… they just want to pick a side. They don’t want to hear about it.”

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That is an important message to spread. Children aren’t the ones who initiate the divorce, nor do they fully understand it. Parents need constant reminders that it isn’t the children’s business. Keeping them out of the drama is the No. 1 priority.

Although Judge hasn’t reconnected with her daughter yet, she’s not giving up. She said, “I’ve gotten so many emails from children that have gone through it, and the thing that they always say to me is, ‘Never stop communicating with her. Even if she doesn’t answer, send her a text message. Send her an email. Send her whatever you can,’ and I do. Every single week, I send her something. ‘Thinking of you’ … it’s all I can do.”

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It’s a heartbreaking reality Judge is living and she’s deciding to be incredibly brave about it. She doesn’t deserve to be treated so horribly with rumors of a non-existent custody battle. We all need to show her compassion instead of judging her.

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