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There’s no way Jaden Smith’s girlfriend Sarah Snyder is cheating on him

There’s no way Jaden Smith’s girlfriend is actually cheating on him.

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The rumors have been flying around for a while that Smith’s longtime GF, Sarah Snyder, has a little something on the side with Atlanta photographer Gunner Stahl. Just this week, Stahl posted a photo on Twitter that showed him and Snyder cuddling together in bed and he even tagged Smith in the tweet.

“I told her bro @officialjaden,” Stahl wrote in the tweet, which has since been deleted.

The Shade Room even found a source — reportedly a friend of Stahl’s — who confirmed that Snyder has been seeing him on the down-low.

So I’ve been holding this tea for a min lol but Jaden Smith’s girlfriend is cheating on him with my friend Gunner,” the source wrote to the site in an email. “He recently shot the cover of [The Fader] with Metro Boomin on it. She was just in ATL last week at his photo exhibit.”

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Smith and Snyder have been dating for more than a year and have seemed to be pretty solid up until now. Oh, wait; they’re still solid. Despite those cheating rumors, Smith and Snyder are still going strong, and they proved it over the weekend at the New York City premiere of Suicide Squad, where they could not keep their hands (or lips) off each other.
Smith and Snyder have never shied away from PDA — they’ve been seen macking all over the streets of NYC. So while their behavior is pretty par for the course, it’s hard to imagine that they’re doing all that making out if Snyder is actually cheating on Smith.

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Do you think Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder are still going strong?

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