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Channing Tatum is going to fulfill every woman’s fantasy

Disney isn’t just in the business of making children’s dreams come true — now they’re looking to fulfill grown women’s dreams. It looks a little different, of course. According to Variety, Disney is remaking the classic movie Splash starring Channing Tatum as a merman.

In the original film, a young man reunites with a mermaid who saved him from drowning as a boy. And just like every other Disney movie, the two characters fall in love. In the rebooted version, Tatum will play the merman who saves Jillian Bell’s character as a girl only to reunite with her years later and fall in love.

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This time, it’s not the love story people are excited about… it’s Tatum without a shirt for an entire movie.

Tatum is known to choose roles that his female fans will love in all of his movies. He was the lead stripper in Magic Mike, the heartthrob husband in The Vow and now he’ll be a beautiful merman in the remake of Splash. It’s like he’s got a checklist of things women want, and he’s working his way down the list making sure to be all of those things.

We’re certainly not complaining about it. Tatum is as caring and sweet as he is hot. All of his co-stars rave about the kind of person he is and how much of a joy he is to work with. It really couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, even if it is a little cheesy.

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The best part about his fame and his movie choices is that Tatum is in on it. He knows he’s not going to win an Oscar by playing a stripper, but he gets millions of fans who adore him, and really, isn’t that the better option? Having people show up to your movies means that you can keep making them.

The remake is also a little bit nostalgic for Disney and its producers, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. The two had their first hit movie with the 1984 original release, and it lead to a long, illustrious career for them, both separately and together. Now that they’re returning to work on the movie that started it all, they’ll certainly want to make the best movie and tribute to the original that they can.

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No word yet on when we can expect to see the movie, but we can all just watch Magic Mike XXL until it comes out.

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