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Let me love this Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez collaboration rumor

Selena Gomez posted a video that sent Jelena fans over the edge in excitement. In the short clip, fans heard Gomez’s voice over the song “Let Me Love You” — a track that her ex Justin Bieber sang with DJ Snake.

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Bieber’s version of the song is listed as the only collaboration DJ Snake did for his upcoming album, so it’s not clear whether Gomez’s version will be a remix, or just something she did for fun, but DJ Snake did reply to her tweet with a purple-heart emoji, confirming to fans that something more official is happening between the three musicians.

All is quiet in Bieber’s camp, but he’s known for sharing secrets and coy Instagram photos every now and then, so fans are definitely keeping their eyes out for some confirmation that the exes are getting back together, at least on a song.

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In all the time that they were together, Bieber and Gomez never collaborated on anything official. They’ve written countless songs about each other, but haven’t yet recorded one together. The fact that the song is called “Let Me Love You” isn’t lost on the fans either. They’re eating that up.

I may not fit into the traditional Jelena fan age bracket, but I’m all in for this reunion. First of all, both Gomez and Bieber are releasing huge hits lately. Any song they did together would be incredible — the perfect end-of-summer jam. Not to mention it would make the three artists boatloads of money. But it’s also fun for them to play around with their on-again-off-again status.

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Bieber and Gomez have talked about each other on many occasions after their final break up and said they wish nothing but the best for each other. They both have admitted to loving one another and want the best for each other. Clearly, they would have fun in the studio and could get along long enough to create a hit single.

I think the only obvious conclusion here is the pair putting out a duet is the best thing for everyone.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

justin bieber selena gomez slideshow
Image: Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN; Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

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