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Even if Rachel Roy had an affair with Jay Z, she still deserves her privacy

Rachel Roy, or as she’s better known to many Beyoncé fans, “Becky with the good hair,” is back in a fight with the Beyhive. But this time, she’s bringing in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Roy is a fashion designer, but is most famous for being the top suspect in the “Becky with the good hair” mystery. The night of the Lemonade release, fans heard Beyoncé sing “Go find Becky with the good hair,” in the song “Sorry.” Since many fans believe the song is about Jay Z, they were understandably upset about him cheating on her. Shortly after, Roy posted a photo to Instagram with the caption “Good hair don’t care.” It was either her trying to throw shade at Beyoncé or a really unfortunate coincidence.

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Either way, the Beyhive went after her. All week, fans would flood Roy’s social media profiles with the bee emoji, in an attempt to shame her for meddling in Beyoncé’s marriage with Jay Z.

Apparently, it went way beyond emojis. Roy is claiming that someone hacked into her Gmail and iCloud accounts and changed her phone number without her consent. There aren’t any details on what the hacker might have done in Roy’s accounts outside changing her number, but it’s scary to have anyone hack into your personal stuff.

The LAPD have obtained warrants to search through phone records, but there’s not a lot of hope that they’ll find the person who did this. The Beyhive is tens of millions of people strong. And none of them are going to cooperate with Becky — I mean Roy.

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I understand that getting your information hacked into is a terrifying thing. There’s a lot of personal information stored out there for people to find. But, hacking also happens to normal people who haven’t done Beyoncé wrong.

If the Instagram photo was a terrible coincidence, this could be too. I can’t imagine that the same people who flood Instagram comments with a bee emoji are the same people who can hack into two very secure accounts. But that’s just me.

If anyone deserves to start an investigation against the Beyhive, it’s Rachel Ray. That poor girl is the only one who can truthfully claim the unfortunate coincidence of having the wrong name at the wrong time. The Beyhive could probably apologize to her.

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What do you think? Is Roy overreacting?

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