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Live! knows more about Kelly Ripa’s future co-host than they’re letting on

The wait for Kelly Ripa’s Live! co-host is going to be a little longer. Although there have been plenty of fan favorites — and some that Ripa adored — the producers aren’t going to pick anyone unless they know that person will stick around long term.

If it sounds like they’re reacting to the situation with Michael Strahan, they totally are. An insider talked to Page Six about the transition and revealed producers want to find someone loyal because of him. They also know that the person who’s getting the permanent seat next to Ripa is getting a lot of built-in perks.

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The insider said, ”It’s a highly coveted job. There’s no other show where the co-host gets to have their name in the title of the show — you don’t get that kind of prominence. Just being in the mix is helpful to their careers and reputation.”

Despite fans having shown their preference for some temporary co-hosts, the insider said the producers still aren’t sold on anyone. They’ve got some shocking names they’ve already crossed off the list, though. According to this insider, “Rob [Lowe], Jeff [Gordon] and Mario [Lopez] are not getting the job.” 

That’s a little heartbreaking for some, but it doesn’t come as a major shock because all three of those men have other commitments that they would prioritize over Live!

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It’s comforting to know that the producers of the show are taking Ripa seriously now. They aren’t going to give her just anyone and risk going through another fiasco like the one they had when Strahan left. They are making sure that they give her someone who values the show as much as she does.

Ripa herself seems to be fine with the time it’s taking. Previously, she told People, “The decision is such a big decision. It’s so beyond just me. Of course, I think that it’s really the audience loves a co-host search.”

She also said that she’s willing to do the search for as long as the audience is down with it too. I’d just like to throw it out there, again, and suggest that it just be Ripa’s show forever. She’s the reason people come back every morning, anyway.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kelly Ripa Live! co-hosts slideshow
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