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Paris Jackson’s got a new tattoo and we may have figured out its meaning

Paris Jackson has never been shy about showing off her ink.

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And when Michael Jackson’s daughter gets a new tattoo, it often comes with special meaning — she’s gotten tats to commemorate her late father, to cover up her self-harm scars from when she was younger and to show off her biggest musical influences, including Prince and David Bowie.

On Sunday, Jackson showed off her newest piece of body art, a pair of feathers along with red and teal beads tucked behind her right ear. In the caption of the photo, which she shared on Instagram, she wrote simply, “couldn’t ever ask for better ink than from my man @dermagraphink!” in a shoutout to her tattoo artist.
That left Jackson’s fans and followers to figure out on their own whether there’s any meaning behind her new tattoo, and they took to the comments immediately to look for more information.

“Love it! does it represent anything?” one commenter asked. Others speculated about what the meaning might be, including one who guessed, “Birds of a feather fly together? X beautiful xx.”

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With a little Googling, it’s easy to find a lot of possible meanings for a feather tattoo. Feathers symbolize a lot of things, from Native American spirituality to ancient Egyptian air gods. But in all the meanings, there’s one common theme: freedom. In almost all of their iterations, feathers symbolize the wearer’s ability to break free from earthly ties, meaning anything that might be holding them back. Does that mean that Jackson’s new tattoo symbolizes her freedom from addiction?

Regardless of the meaning behind it, Jackson’s newest ink is gorgeous and we completely love it.

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What do you think Paris Jackson’s new tattoo means?

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