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RHOBH just wouldn’t be the same without Erika Girardi

Erika Girardi was the only person to make the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (aka Munchausen-gate) worth watching. She’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle and cash — and she’s by far the most entertaining RHOBH cast member. If she goes, I’ll probably still tune in to see Lisa Rinna (because as with a train wreck, I just can’t look away), but my enjoyment of the show will be cut in half.

The latest rumors were prompted by a recent report from Radar Online, which indicates that Girardi will not be back for a second season. Evidently, Bravo is scrambling to find somebody to fill the big shoes (or rather, sparkly, 7-inch stilettos) left open by Girardi. These rumors aren’t exactly new, however, as Andy Cohen flat-out denied gossip surrounding Girardi’s alleged firing several months ago. In fact, when a viewer advised Andy Cohen to let go of Girardi and a few other RHOBH stars, he responded, “No way!”

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Rumors regarding various housewife departures have been swirling for some time, so it’s hard to say whether there’s any truth to the latest claims surrounding Girardi. After all, as of the reunion, she seemed eager to stick around for more RHOBH drama.

Here’s what we know for sure: Yolanda Hadid is definitely not coming back. She claims that she desires some semblance of privacy in her day-to-day life, but viewers suspect that she’s mainly just upset about the way she was treated by the other housewives this past season. Others have theorized that she’s mad about being demoted from regular to guest and has therefore retaliated by quitting altogether.

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Nobody was particularly surprised when Hadid decided to ditch RHOBH, but Girardi’s alleged departure is a shocker. Despite only having been on the show one season, she really seemed like a fixture by the time the finale arrived. Also, she recently appeared at the Bravos. Why would Bravo highlight her at its big award show and then promptly fire or demote her?

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If Girardi’s on her way out, I’m convinced that it’s completely voluntary. She added far too much to the show to be discarded that quickly. My guess is, if the rumors about her departure are true, it was prompted by Hadid’s exit. After all, the gals are best buds. No matter the reason, the show will not be nearly as entertaining without Girardi’s bluntness.

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