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KUWTK shows the unhealthy truth behind Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom’s relationship

Khloé Kardashian opens up a little more about Lamar Odom in every episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Beginning with their divorce, all the way through his recovery from his overdose, the only time she opens up is a random Instagram post or through her KUWTK interviews. But what she revealed tonight was perhaps the most heartbreaking.

Kardashian and her sisters went to visit Cuba for a few days, and that meant no access to Wi-Fi or cell service. That meant that Kardashian couldn’t get a hold of Odom for the entire time they were gone. The inability to contact Odom whenever she wanted reduced her to a ball of stress that was hard to watch.

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Kardashian is usually completely independent and carefree, but losing contact with Odom stressed her out because she knew he was going to disappear and be making terrible choices for his health. She was right, of course, because the day she left, Odom asked her assistant for money to do whatever he was going to do.

It’s frustrating to see Odom take advantage of a woman and a family willing to take care of him through his darkest days. As much as he can’t help it, he just doesn’t seem to be trying very hard.

But what’s worse is watching Kardashian get sucked back into the cycle of being taken advantage of. At a certain point, her family owes it to her to help her walk away. She needs more from them than them feeling bad for her.

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Kardashian is incredibly brave to share her story through the show (however scripted the rest of it may be), because it’s not a totally flattering light. She’s shown as the girl who can’t let go of a relationship she knows is unhealthy.

But she’s not the only person to ever get into a situation like this. It shows that it happens to everyone, even strong, caring, smart and talented women who seem to have it all, including confidence. That’s definitely something worth sharing with people and for us to support her through.

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